1. Circulation / Reserve – This is the area where borrowing and returning of library items take place.

2. Discussion Room – This room is for the use of students, faculty, and personnel to suffice group works such as discussion of research, projects, small group meetings and other school related activities.

3. Educational Media Center – This is the depository of audio visual materials and equipment

4. General Collection / Stacks – These are rows of books in shelves and are usually divided into sections for Fiction, Nonfiction and Filipiniana books.

5. Interactive Learning Station (ILS) – This is the feature in the HNU library which offers the use of personal computers for research, access e-resources and other learning needs and provides equipment like TV for previewing.

6. Periodical Section – This is the area where you can read newspapers, magazines, journals and bound periodicals.

7. Special Collection – This is the collection of rare books, manuscripts, American collection, Government publications, Boholano collection and items of local interest, including works by local students.

8. Technical Services Section – All the activities and processes concerned with acquiring, organizing, preparing, and maintaining library collections, including cataloguing, classifying and physical processing, usually accomplished “behind the scenes” are organized in this area.
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Welcome to the library! The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is of paramount importance to the students and the faculty and a vital component of the total academic environment. It supports the academic research, recreational activities and curricular programs of the university and provides learning resources of varied format from print, audio-visual and electronic information and access to information resources essential for members of the academic community to pursue their programs successfully.

The library aims to provide an efficient, effective and responsive service. We invite and encourage you to be a frequent user of the Holy Name University Learning Resource Center.